Our very own hand silk-screened Casual and Gothic Alphabet prints by Bloom Screen Printing available for purchase online (see below) or in person!

Prints are 18"w x 24"h with 3" tall letters suitable for practicing with a #6 lettering quill. You'd mount them to an easel and tape a sheet of vellum or tracing paper over the print and then paint with 1shot poster paint using a #6 lettering quill. We often use Mack 189L #6 brushes from Letterhead Sign Supply.

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One-of-a-kind original pieces made by the artists at our studio are also available. For inquires or purchase, please call or email us.

Damon Styer
Jeff Canham
Josh Luke
Caitlyn Galloway
Ken Davis
Aaron Cruse
Candice Kinyobi Obayashi
Heather Hardison
Corinne Matesich