Fall/Winter 2019 - Introduction to Brush Lettering

Introduction to Brush Lettering Class New Bohemia Signs
Introduction to Brush Lettering Class New Bohemia Signs

Fall/Winter 2019 - Introduction to Brush Lettering


The class includes 12 hours of teaching over two days in our shop in San Francisco - two 3-hour sections each day with a lunch break in between. At class's end, you will own a lettering quill and small sign of your own design (or of ours, if you wish), and a greater portion of wherewithal and gumption to launch a fulfilling career in sign painting!

The first day: After and intro to tools and raw materials, you will practice the basic strokes of brush lettering and alphabet using poster paint on paper. We'll focus on sign painters' favorite "casual" or "speed" letters before lunch and on single stroke sans-serif letters after with a brief foray into twisting serifs (if we're goaded into it). Toward the end, we'll present a tutorial on preparing a sign board for lettering.

The second day: You’ll lay out designs and make patterns to be painted in enamel on a 10”x24” board that we'll have prepared for you.  For the purposes of this class, you’ll design for a single color of lettering. We encourage you to start thinking about what you’d like your sign to say now—bearing in mind the value of concise messaging, the size of the board, and the limits of both the assignment and your skill!  If you’d rather not design a sign, we’ll have some design sketches here ready for you to use or adapt. Then, you’ll paint your sign!  Take them with you at the end of class or leave them here to dry.

Class is 10am to 5pm each day.

Location: 281 9th Street, San Francisco

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel up to two weeks before class and get a full refund.  Less notice than that would be a class credit, or if we have a waiting list and can fill the spot we'd gladly give a full refund. 

If canceling less than 72 hours before the class and we can’t fill your spot we will not issue a class credit.

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