News from the East

Amidst brainstorming for procrastination, I googled my name and came up with this Chinese language article about the sign shop. I could recognize other names mentioned in the story, which indicated that this was either written by or copied from someone who had actually spoken to me about sign making. I used Google's convenient translation tool (which popped up alongside the search results), to generate this (here's a PDF, if the link fails).  It's dateline is only 2 1/2 months ago, and I don't remember speaking with any Chinese interviewers any time recently (or at all), so I'm guessing this was translated into Chinese from an English-language interview, which, I have to admit, still eludes my memory bank... it's not the ANP Quarterly article... I vaguely recall some British cat interviewing me, from an art school over there, or something. Maybe that was it. I dunno. I'll have to ask around. I can't decide if my favorite part of this is simply reading aloud the re-translated text, or if it's selecting which of the emoticons at the bottom best describes, "this article, when you see the feeling is". I guess I want to tell people about it, so that might be close to "zhaoma". Or I guess "puzzled" would rank pretty high, although... y'know they're all really pretty spot-on, except "qianbian". I mean, I think I might feel that way a little bit... I just can't be from the east emoticons