¡Viva Ghana!

Soccer Cafe ...er, they speak Spanish there, no?

I totally missed the game last weekend, and no doubt due to my--and millions of other Americans'--unforgivably slack-adaisical support for our national side, have to bear (in some small way) responsibility for the bitter end to nuestros sueños del Copa...

But, y'know, despite the greater such responsibility falling on the Ghana Black Stars' laps, and despite not having seen more than another minute of Ghana's other games in this tournament, I have to say this completely un-American Commie pinko New York Times writer has me completely convinced that Ghana Can. Go. All. The. WAY!!!!!!

At any rate, I know who I'm routing for in the Uruguay game.

I painted this wall a year or so ago, and, unfortunately, neglected to snap a pic before they installed their graffiti resistant glossy plexi-sheets over top. I think, since then, the owner has used the logo design to print t-shirts, or something. I should try and score one. He gave me a list of countries to put up there, and looking at it now... well, I can pick out the Nigerian flag... I think that's about all that shows up here for all of Africa, Asia, and Oceania. I guess none of us were bearing in mind South Africa 2010 at the time. But then--who in America ever does?