Movie title letter resources

[vimeo 20759580] I've been working recently on a sign/art piece for a client, that's supposed to incorporate a variety of letter styles into a palimpsest of motivational words and phrases, for their company.  This video is chock full of lettering paths to pursue, and as a bonus, includes the delicious brass hook that's always cut off in the 5000 TV ads that use the opening bars of this same RJD2 track as backing music...

Towards the end, you get a few seconds' snippet of the trailer for this movie, which, while also full of nifty letter forms, should perhaps be prefaced with a caveat for epileptics:


Sorry to have dropped the blogging ball for so long.  My attention's been absorbed elsewhere, not least in sorting out a new, larger space for our shop, into which we're moving in the coming week.