The Best Stuff on Earth!

We just got an email from a sign painter in Seattle, thanking us for helping inspire him in what he does. He wrote, "The art shows, the Juxtapoz feature, and even the new snapple commercial are all wonderful signs of growth for such an admirable trade".  We had to do some Googling to figger what he was talking about, re: Snapple.  We soon came across a clever commercial, that, while amusing enough to watch through, didn't seem to have anything to do with sign painting, 'til--surprise!--the closing shot:

That's Canham Country!  ("Canham Country" being our nickname for our alumnus, Jeff Canham, reflecting our aspirations that his design sense overtake the nation)

My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary with a ski trip last year, when she snapped this picture of some Canham Country skis we saw:

That girl may be the most stylin' skier I've ever seen (I could say that, on our anniversary, only because my wife said it first).

Anyway, this is all reminding me that I've no time to blog: I've got to get back to the grindstone, cranking out work for the upcoming show we're sharing with Jeff and with Steve Powers, at Guerrero Gallery (opening 11 June).  That, at least, is my current excuse for having failed to blog since moving, back in March.  It's been pretty damn busy 'round here since then!