So you need a typeface?

Scott's putting together a FAQ page for our website, to help folks organize their thoughts and questions when shopping for a sign from us.  We don't generally deal much with letter styles at the earliest stages of bidding.  Used to be, not so long ago, I made most of the design decisions, after maybe a few simple questions: Serifs or no?  Gothic or Roman (that is, single stroke or thick 'n' thin)?  Casual?  Script? That sort of thing still happens, when customers want a sign that looks hand painted by dint of having been designed with the brush in mind (as opposed to "looks hand painted when you stand really close, and maybe run your fingers over the letters' edges").  However, as we settle ever deeper into our digital age, folk are tending to get much more choosy with the plethora of letter styles available to them.

Be that as it may, I don't think this chart will be very useful for our FAQ page, but it's funny (and maybe we'll buy a poster, just to have on hand):

It has a good bit of fun with Comic Sans, which, really, you should be careful with, because you wouldn't like Comic Sans when it's mad.  Or maybe you would.

(via BoingBoing)