Which way to the loo?

I guess it's been a couple months ago now, since we gilded and painted these signs for the restrooms in the entry hallway to Foreign Cinema.  One of the head honchos there, Gayle (who also runs Showdogs, for whom we did some signs at about the same time), invited me over to check out the space.  We flipped through some reference books, and she plied me with... oh, I think it may have been scallops and squid, I dunno--and some cocktails from their skilled mixologists (which, no doubt, have impaired my memory of the appetizer).

While she and the staff pondered exactly what terminology they wanted to use on the signs (like, obviously they should just change over to all seafood, and go with "buoys" and "gulls"), I came up with a few design sketches:

As you can see up top, they chose something akin to the first sketch, and opted to go with neither women, men, buoys or gulls.  Had I known about it then, I might have referred Gayle to this online exploration of the semiotics of toilet signs (or this collection of "coolest" toilet signs), although those may have served no more use than my buoys and gulls suggestion.  Nonetheless, I hope, for all our sake, they have one of these alongside the urinals.